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Miss Nana Wyshall B. Wright Series of Children's Bedtime Stories


The Miss Nana Wyshall B. Wright’s series of beautifully illustrated children’s bedtime stories are inspired by the individually unique and charming behaviors of the many young children that the author, Cheryl Lewis Beverly, observed in her work as an educator. Each child in this series has his or her own personal story about their unusual and humorous adventures in finding their own original way to . . . .


Miss Nana Wyshall B. Wright’s telling and retelling of each child’s story delights, entertains and educates young and older readers alike with her orations of just what, where and how they each find his or her way. Miss Nana's wisdom, patience and honesty challenge us to not only hear, but to listen to, laugh at and learn from each child’s humorous encounter with their own destiny. She further challenges us each to respond responsibly and constructively to the needs of our own children as they often precariously seek their way to the same.


A few of Miss Nana Wyshall B. Wright's children include Sassy Frass Ann, Slow Go Sam, Winall Wendall, Robust Roberta, Bullying Boy and Mummmbling Michael. Each is told in Miss Nana Wyshall B. Wright’s comfortable and humorous manner as each child's personal, unique story and behavior “quirk” is resolved amidst her dispensing an elder’s “pearls of wisdom."


The Lessons of Ole Mister Johns


Ole Mister Johns delivers traditional lessons of respect, honesty, trust and love. He gently provides guidance with his simple rules for life.


The Lessons of Ole Mister Johns is a story about a great-grandfather and his great-grandson who spend their weekends together. Through their everyday experiences, the great-grandfather and great-grandson find the meaning of respect, honesty trust and love.


During the weekend visits, Ole Mister Johns and his great-grandson, Lil John, meet each adventure successfully through the time-honored wisdom of Ole Mister Johns.


Introducing Robust Roberta


The next character in the Miss Nana Wyshall B. Wright series of bedtime stories is Robust Roberta.


The pride of her home and family, Robust Roberta abruptly and painfully faces criticism and isolation at school because of her chubby round cheeks and soft round body.


Her acceptance and successful integration into school comes with the sharing of her “phenomenal” lunches.


Robust Roberta’s generosity results in her physical transformation and positive self-esteem. She becomes the popular class President.

Mummmmbling Michael


Mummmmbling Michael is a lonely, timid, little boy who is surrounded by stars.


As told by Miss Nana Wyshall B. Wright, Mummmmbling Michael is doggedly seeking his own personal spotlight. His “light,” evident to everyone else, is revealed to Mummmmbling Michael in a big and surprising way.



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