About Second Wind Creations

Second Wind Creations was conceived by two friends.  Cheryl Lewis Beverly and Barbara Elizabeth Rudd were cheerleaders together in high school.  This is their “second wind” ... a culmination of lifetime experiences, talents and passions all rolled up into life-lesson, stories for every generation.


When the Cheryl and Barbara created Second Wind Creations, they formed a business partnership to share their creative visions with others.  Second Wind Creations takes enormous pride in the quality and integrity of their work. Their intention is to portray life’s lessons with whimsy, humor and vibrant, colorful illustrations.  Barbara and Cheryl truly hope you will love the works of Second Wind Creations as much as they enjoyed creating them.


Second Wind Creations introduces you to the very special spirit of Miss Nana Wyshall B. Wright (pronounced "wish all be right") and her collection of bedtime stories. Childhood can often bring children and parents a variety of new challenges. Sometimes, if we are lucky enough, we meet a "special spirit,"  someone who guides us wisely through it all with love and good humor.   Miss Nana Wyshall B. Wright is our loving guide.   She helps our children learn to accept their differences and celebrate their abilities.


Ole Mister Johns is another special soul introduced to you by Second Wind Creations.  He is a friend of Miss Nana Wyshall B. Wright.  Through their everyday experiences, Ole Mister Johns and his great-grandson, Lil John, explore the meanings of respect, honesty, trust and love. The great-grandfather and his great-grandson meet each adventure with success and the time-honored wisdom of Ole Mister Johns.

About The Author

Cheryl Lewis Beverly, the Second Wind Creations author, is a mother and a grandmother.  She worked for over thirty years with children as a counselor, psychologist, parent and optimistically interested observer. Living in Chicago, IL, Lansing, MI, New York, NY and Los Angeles, CA, before retiring to the desert in Palm Springs, CA, gave Cheryl the opportunity to observe and participate in many, varied social and educational settings observing and working with both parents and their remarkable children.


Cheryl has professional degrees in History, Guidance and Counseling, Educational Psychology and African and African American Studies.  In retirement, Cheryl’s passion is in portraying the children and families she has known through the touching and amusing stories of Miss Nana Wyshall B. Wright written for the delight of children and adults.  Her stories offer a unique and often humorous insight into the struggles, joys, failures and successes of our human experience.

About The Designer

Barbara Elizabeth Rudd, is Second Wind Creations' designer and chief marketing officer.  She is a former publishing executive with progressive, diverse and extensive experience in print and online media as well as marketing and sales.  Barbara has a proven record for building sales and new business development through strategic and creative thinking with over twenty years of experience.


Currently Barbara is an Internet marketing entrepreneur.  She has training and experience in web and graphic design, web development, marketing, social media marketing and corporate branding coupled with exceptional marketing prowess and strong business acumen.  Barbara has a BA in Fine Arts and an MBA in marketing.  A native of Chicago, IL, Barbara now lives in Los Angeles, CA.


She floats in rare air, having worked at two, separate companies that were headed by an iconic genius and leader in their field. Her passions are technology, fashion and design.


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